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COVID Update for 2020-2021 Season

Beginning in March The Big Dipper Ice Arena will be entering Low-intermediate Covid-19 mitigation Plan.


COVID-19 Mitigation Plan

The plan developed by departments using this worksheet must be updated as needed and will be presented to all facility employees and contractors and will be posted in a conspicuous place near the public entrances of the facility and/or department


Facility Name & Address: Big Dipper Ice Arena, 1920 Lathrop Street

Department: Parks and Recreation           Date: February 24, 2021



Decisions regarding the Big Dipper Ice Arena operational status will be guided by following the Fairbanks North Star Borough’s Operational Mitigation plan, CDC and USA Hockey guidelines. In the event that guidelines or requirements conflict between the plan and a user group mitigation plan, the stricter guideline or requirement shall prevail. Operations of the Big Dipper Ice Arena shall be in compliance with the FNSB Operational Mitigation Plan and this Big Dipper Ice Arena Mitigation Plan.


Public Space Social Distancing measures taken:


  • Selected bleachers will be blocked off in order to limit cleaning/disinfecting.
  • Lobby area and benches will be marked with physical distancing decals and/or tape.
  • Elevator: Limit 1 person maximum occupancy or one household group of 4 people.


Non-Public Workspace Social Distancing measures taken:


  • See COVID-19 Operational Mitigation Plan All FNSB Facilities and Functions. 


Public Workspace Social Distancing measures taken:


  • Same as COVID-19 Operational Mitigation Plan All FNSB Facilities and Functions.


Routing of traffic in order to minimize contact:


•         Public access entering and exiting will be directed through separate, clearly marked doors at the east end of the building (main entrance).

  • Ice times will be spaced to avoid crossover between reservation groups. Additionally, walking sessions will be staggered from ice start/end times.


Occupancy limitations:


  • 100 patrons will be permitted in the building at one time.
  • Maximum of 16 players per locker room.
  • Maximum of 20 walkers on the track at one time (this number may be reduced for specific program times).
  • Maximum of 35 skaters (includes coaches) on the ice at one time (this number may be reduced for specific programs).
  • No more than 3 skate room staff in the skate room at one time.


Standard precautions in light of the Pandemic:


  • See COVID-19 Operational Mitigation Plan ALL FNSB FACILITIES AND FUNCTIONS.


Cleaning strategies:


•         Cleaning and disinfecting procedures will be performed by staff at opening and closing.

•         Additionally, there will be an interval between reservations to disinfect common touch surfaces using EPA approved disinfectants against COVID-19 and in accordance with CDC guidelines.

•         Staff will wear gloves and a cloth face covering while cleaning and mark a checklist to verify completion.


Patrons exhibiting symptoms associated with COVID-19:


  • Individual(s) will be asked to leave the building or will not be allowed in the facility and told not to return until after symptoms have subsided.




Additional actions taken to reduce the virus spread: 


General precautions applicable to all patrons:

  • Cloth face coverings are required per COVID-19 Operational Mitigation Plan ALL FNSB FACILITIES AND FUNCTIONS, including all coaches and volunteers when on the ice; with the exception of players/skaters during strenuous physical activity.  
    • Those engaged in medium or high intensity activities and experiencing difficulty breathing, dizziness, light headedness, numbness, tingling, heat related symptoms or other concerning symptoms should immediately cease activities until symptoms resolve.
    • Those experiencing such symptoms may temporarily remove their cloth face covering while engaging in the activity. Cloth face coverings must be worn at all other times.
  • No birthday party reservations during Recreational Skate sessions will be taken.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the arena.
  • Online reservations required through MyRec software prior to entering facility.
  • No showers available, no food in locker room.
  • No outside food allowed (ie. pizza, cake, cupcakes, etc.)
  • No indoor concessions.
  • No water fountain usage; bottle filling stations will still be available.
  • Full face shields are strongly recommended.
  • No dry-land training within the building.
  • Games/Scrimmages are permitted with restrictions, only local/regional teams are allowed to play each other, teams from outside the area are not allowed to play.
  • Locker room patrons may arrive no earlier than 15 minutes and leave no later than 15 minutes after scheduled reservation and will be enforced by facility staff.
  • All drop-in patrons must leave the rink as quickly as practicable and in no case later than within 15 minutes following their session.
  • No indoor entry for outside rinks



Recreational Skate, Stick & Puck/ Unstructured Skill Building:

  • Shoes will not be taken as collateral for skates.


Hockey & Figure Skating:

  • Coaches/Referees will wear a cloth face covering at all times while on the ice.


In the event the indoor rink at the Big Dipper is closed to the public, reservations shall be cancelled, and notifications shall be given as soon as possible. Should the risk level be changed, additional precautions may be enacted. Appointments can still be scheduled with staff for Parks and Recreation related business in accordance with the COVID-19 Operational Mitigation Plan ALL FNSB FACILITIES AND FUNCTIONS.

COVID Update for 2020-2021 Season

We will continue with Sunday ice time through March.

5:00 pm. Dipper. After March 1st locker rooms will be available.

We have 1 sheet of ice each Sunday so let us know you are coming. or


--FWHA Board

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Our 2020-2021 season board members are:

Stephanie Saari - President

Kathy Larson - Vice President

Nichole Dianoski - Treasurer

Becky Childs  - Secretary


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